Catahouligan Expresso – Sept 2011

Catahouligan Expresso – Sept 2011

Hey it’s Me!!! Do you remember me!? It’s been quite some time and I hope you haven’t forgotten bout little ole’ me. Needless to say, it has been rather busy at World Headquarters of Catahoula Coffee, but I am sure it will settle down once baby “Timber” arrives!!  So let’s get this party started……shall we!!!

Save the Date:  OCTOBER 16th – 

In support and appreciation to all of our local teachers, Catahoula Coffee is sponsoring a day that teachers with current and valid credentials may come and enjoy an afternoon for FREE!! Yes that is right, FREE drinks, food and entertainment. So get the word out to our local teachers…..

Commercial – Photo Shoot:

Also on OCTOBER 17th  at 9am…… We need friendly happy customers to join us as we film a short commercial for Catahoula Coffee. The storyline is: As the Coffee Wars continue to wage out of control in SF, cross the bay over to the Scenic Beautiful Coastal Hamlet of Richmond, CA sits Catahoula Coffee. Tag Line: You meet the nicest people at Catahoula!! (Think a 1950’s PSA – Leave it to Beaver – Pleasantville type of feel.)

Operation “Mi Pueblo” –

Ok….Let’s kick Operation Mi Pueblo into high gear!!! Please “ Copy” the following brief statement (add more if you choose), click on the email, “Paste”, sign you name and “Send” to the chairman of Mi Pueblo. More the Merrier. We need to have the old Lucky/Albertson’s store on the corner of MacDonald and San Pablo Avenue.

Dear Mr. Chavez,

Mi Pueblo would be a welcome addition to our neighborhood of Richmond, CA. There is a wonderful space (formerly Lucky/Alberston’s) at the corner of MacDonald and San Pablo Avenue. Please give this location consideration!!!! This space would not only serve Richmond but the communities of: El Cerrito, El Sobrante and San Pablo.

Most sincerely,

(You Name)

Click here  Juvenal Chavez, CEO / Founder


Many folks have talked to me concerning: “What’s going on with the Price of Coffee?” And while some think I am channeling a slick salesman when I complain about the prices I can honestly say: “If I know what I know now….I may not have opened Catahoula Coffee!” It is that bad!!

But let me not go all gloomy on you….but it’s a fact I must look at in continuing this business model. I still will not sacrifice quality nor the freshness of our coffee. But it is crazy now! Much like when you roll up to the gas pump….Coffee is now a commodity. And like our gas prices, coffee seems to will follow the same pattern: Go up and up, come down to tease us but the net result are higher prices. So much for coffee being the “Affordable Luxury” we enjoy.

The following graphs may help explain it:

I do not mean to be a “Debbie Downer”…..I plan to stay around. The business model has changed and plans of expansion are put on hold. But one thing I will not compromise on is Catahoula Coffee’s quality, freshness and giving a fair value to all Catahouligans….. Worldwide!!

I appreciate all of your support and encouragement…. See ya on Sunday Oct 16th !!

If you have any questions about any coffees. Please do not hesitate to contact me:

Thanks again…..

take care, timber

** If you would like to be taken off this list…no problem…..
Just let me know. Thanks **


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